In Short

Degrees Single™ explores the social forces, experiences, and perceptions of being single.

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At Length

There are levels to being single. There are literally different stages, degrees, and perspectives of being single. It is more than not being married or not having a significant other. Singleness is a multi-faceted, ever-evolving part of life. None of us do “single” the same. None of us see “single” the same. Degrees Single™ aims to explore singleness from various viewpoints.

The Creator

Degrees Single™ shares my perspective as a single, Black, twenty-something year old woman. I am no relationship expert or guru by any means. But I am a woman who has become very insightful about being single through my own experiences, constant reflection, and engaging dialogue. I have never not enjoyed being single. (That’s grammatically incorrect on purpose.) I may enjoy it too much at times. Time has made me more aware of singleness, how it looks, and how different people navigate that place in their life. I am intrigued by singleness and very vocal about it! Please do not mistake my discourse about being single as being against relationships and marriage. I am here for it! But if you can’t fully enjoy being single, how equipped are you for a relationship?